Becoming educated requires more than just acquiring knowledge. A complete education should also produce a healthy, compassionate and critical mind that has a confident sense of direction in life. The Life Beyond School program aims to help provide that complete education.

We hope to help students by using the experience we have gained in our diverse fields since leaving school. We do this primarily through weekly discussions with interested groups of students. These discussions are based around set topics; however, during each session, we also set aside time to help students with any questions they have about life after school.

Our aim is to empower students to find their own goals and help them to achieve these goals through guidance and mentoring. We recognise that the prospect of leaving school is a daunting one for many, as it may not be clear which path is the right one or, at times, whether there is a path at all. We also appreciate that it can be difficult to know where to ask for help and that, even when advice is sought, it can be unsatisfying, confusing or narrow. Having that in mind, we hope to provide an opportunity for students to select their path after engaging in personal reflection about what is important to them and critical thinking about strategy. Wherever possible, we also try to put students in touch with useful people who can provide further assistance.


Our objectives through Life Beyond School are:

  • To increase students’ confidence and ambition,
  • To facilitate the transition from school to the wider world,
  • To empower students with the belief that their goals are within reach,
  • To encourage students to critically and openly engage with important life topics,
  • To encourage students to develop a sense of empathy for their fellow human beings,
  • To encourage students to reflect on their own life and their relative place in the world, and
  • To allow students to lead happier lives.

Is this program for you?

As a senior student, you will benefit from the program if you are interested in either (a) practical advice regarding life after school or (b) critical thinking about a wide-range of issues relating, but not limited, to, science, literature, current events and questions of a philosophical nature.

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